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"I am a proud Santa Rosa native and a proud Conservative. I will work every day to be the kind of Commissioner YOU can be proud of. That is my promise to you."
My Commitment to Santa Rosa
Protect Santa Rosa

I will protect citizens and your rights as well as be a steward of your tax dollars. There is too much wasteful spending in government. I will always support our law enforcement and firefighters. They are heroes!

Promote Santa Rosa

Promote and strengthen our local businesses by working with them and seeing to their needs. Local government should be an ally to small businesses owners! I will work hard to bring in new jobs so our residents do not have to leave our county to seek employment. We must also improve our infrastructure. That is a primary role of the County Commission.

Preserve Santa Rosa

Our county has a high standard of living. Santa Rosa has prime farmland and waterways. We need to preserve and protect them before trying to push for runaway development that will cause us to lose what we currently have.

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